Positive Action For Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Thank you to all who have made such generous donations to the PAFRAS appeal. Items collected form the boxes at the back of our churches are regularly delivered to the PAFRAS Centre in Leeds. (Go to http://www.pafras.org.uk for more information)

It was clear that these donations make a real difference to the lives of these very needy people. We hope to make further deliveries in the future. If you have any suitable items you wish to contribute See list in next section) please leave them at the back of any of our churches clearly marked ‘PAFRAS’ or drop them in to the Rectory. We will place boxes for such donations in each of the churches in the near future.

Positve Action For Refugees and Asylum Seekers – Aims and Needs

In February 2006 PAFRAS opened a Destitution Drop-in on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. At the Drop-in people can receive: a hot meal, food parcels, hygiene packs, clothing, advice and meet with friends

All items offered are provided by charitable donations.
If you wish to support this work, the following items will be gratefully received:

ITEMS FOR COOKING at the Drop-in:

Dry ingredients: Pasta, Rice, Couscous, Dried Fruit (apricots, raisins, dates), Nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts), Pulses (red lentils, split peas, beans etc.) Tinned Foods: chopped tomatoes, baked beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, tuna, sweetcorn.

Cooking Ingredients: Vegetable oil, tomato puree, salt, pepper, stock cubes, herbs and spices. Beverages/Snacks: Tea bags, coffee, sugar, long-life milk, long-life fruit juices, instant soups, biscuits, chocolate bars.

(Note – All tins should be ring-pull, or please provide a tin opener) UHT Milk (500ml), Breakfast cereal (small packs) Fruit Juice (200ml), Milk shakes(200-500ml) Crackers/crispbreads, sandwich spreads (meat/fish/vegetarian varieties), Instant hot chocolate sachets, chocolate bars, cereal bars, crisps, instant noodles, pots of: yoghurt/rice pudding/custard, Instant mash (small packs), tinned potatoes, tuna, baked beans.

OTHER ITEMS: Sanitary towels, soap, other personal hygiene items.

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