Funeral Arrangements

If you have any questions or require help with funeral arrangements or bereavement, please contact a Church Warden (see Contact page).

Our funeral fees follow a scale according to whether you have a service with just hymns, or you also include a churchyard burial. These fees are normally dealt with through the funeral directors.

Collections at funerals

Technically all collections taken at any services in Church (including funeral services) belong to the Church, however we appreciate that people sometimes prefer to donate to a charity in remembrance of the loved one who had died and in response to this the United Benefice of Kirklington, Burneston, Wath and Pickhill, has adopted a policy that when collections are taken during a funeral service held in church, up to half of the collection may be donated to a charity if the family so wishes.

If a family wish for more than 50% of the collection to go to a charity, they should instruct mourners to donate via the funeral director rather than the collection plate.


Please be aware that for burials, there are strict regulations that apply over headstones – please contact a Church Warden for details if you have any queries regarding this.

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