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What is Baptism?

Baptism marks the beginning of a journey with God which continues for the rest of our lives. When babies and young children are baptised parents promise to pray for their child, to explain and give an example of faith in Jesus at home, and to help their child to become a worshipping member of their local church.In baptism we celebrate what God has done for us in Christ, making serious promises and declaring our Christian faith.

Baptism is the first step in the Christian journey and we are here to support you and your child on the further steps of that journey. We welcome you to join us in our services as we pray with you for the health and growth of your child.

Booking a baptism

Please see the Contact page if you wish to discuss the possibility of Baptism (also known as Christening) for your child. Baptisms normally take place on Sunday afternoons. Once the date is booked, either of our two parish priests will visit you at home to meet all the family and to talk about the service and the part that parents and godparents play.Our aim is to make the Baptism service a very special occasion for you and your family and friends, when the church welcomes your child, gives thanks to God for the gift of life, and marks this first step on the child’s lifelong journey of faith. The church promises to support and encourage both you and your child in the years to come, and parents and godparents promise to help the church fulfil all these responsibilities.

Exploring Baptism for their child is often an opportunity for parents to explore in more depth their own faith and questions, and the preparation meeting is a chance to do this in an informal and friendly way.The Baptism service itself is free; CDs may be used for music, or alternatively an organist may be booked subject to a fee - please contact the Church Office for details.

Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child

A service of Baptism requires parents and godparents to make commitments about what they believe and how they are going to bring up their child which are demanding and difficult for some people to make in good conscience. Other people want to delay their child’s baptism so that the child can remember it or make up their own mind. but they may still wish to have a service because they want to give thanks to God for their child’s arrival into the world.

The service of Thanksgiving for the gift of a child is perfect in either of these circumstances.. As its title indicates, this service is about giving thanks for the miracle of new life, and it is not an alternative to baptism since it is not part of the process of Christian initiation. If a service of thanksgiving is held, baptism may then follow at a later date.

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